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How to Welcome Refugee Children

Refugee children are like any new student in school. They are thinking:


    o  Where do I go?
    o  What am I supposed to do?
    o  Who can help me?
    o  Will anyone be my friend?


Refugee children may have the added stress of trying
to understand the English language.
You can help to make new refugee students feel comfortable.


Smile and say hi!


Find out how much English the student knows.


    o  Speak slowly.
    o  Show, rather than tell.
    o  Draw pictures.
    o  Try to learn some of their language!


Show refugee students how to:


    o  Raise a hand to be called upon by the teacher.
    o  Store belongings in a desk or locker
    o  Select and pay for lunch
    o  Be excused to use the rest room
    o  Use pens and pencils, crayons, chalk, and paints
    o  Use the library and classroom resources such as textbooks and computers


Explain about bells and drills that can sometimes frighten refugee students.

Explain that police officers in schools are there to protect the students.



Print this Peer Mentor brochure for tips on how to welcome refugees in school.


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